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Design Your Own

Choose any combination of filling, sauce or condiment upon any form of bread, wrap, baguette, panini, or salad-pot. Just ask us to price it for you via telephone or email and then decide to order. Indeed just ask for anything and if we can source it locally, we will !!

T & C's:

All of the above are offered subject to availability, seasons and stock. We are situated in the town centre and can obtains most ingredients, most of the time and will do our best to provide your choice. We reserve the right to change the published prices based on availability and component pricing. Pasta only available on certain days.


Delivery Time:

It takes us about 2 hours to create and deliver your order, so please give us a little notice. For Gourmet choices please allow 3 hours.


Gluten Free:

For our Gluten free and vegetarian customers, please do call us and we will do everything we can to provide you with an exciting and creative offering.


Whilst we would love to deliver every order free of a delivery charge, to do so we have to set a minimum order value of just £10.00 for each delivery.

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