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Beautiful buffets & catering


Beautiful, freshly made-on-the-day sandwiches in a variety of breads with or without butter & condiments:

Made just the way you want them ! 

Served to impress upon presentation platters with sealed lids and salad dressing.

Delivered to you door, venue or event or collected from our town centre shop.

Premium sandwiches:   £3.00 per Service (Minimum order 4)

Premium sandwiches:     

Plus 1 savoury             £4.10 per Service (Minimum order 4)

Premium sandwiches:     

Plus 2 Savouries          £5.20 per Service (Minimum order 4)

Premium sandwiches:     

Plus 2 Savouries 

Plus a cake                  £6.30 per Service (Minimum order 4)

Premium sandwiches:     

Plus 2 Savouries 

Plus a cake

Plus a piece of fruit        £7.00 per Service (Minimum order 4)

Salad Platters:               £3.40 each

Beautifully presented platters with a wide range of fillings and accompaniments, provided with knives, forks and serviettes


Savouries to choose:
Mini Quiches, Vol-au-vents, Sausage rolls, Scotch eggs, Tempura prawns, Filo prawns, Spring rolls (V), Samosas (V), Chicken skewers.
Cakes to choose:
Cake selection (we choose for you), Danish pastries, Sponge cakes, Tiffin, Choco-crisp, flapjack, chocolate shortbread
​Refreshments (at extra charge):

Fruit Juices £1,60 each

Canned drinks (Wide variety) £0.90 each

Snacks (at extra charge):

Crisps & snacks (Wide variety) £0.90 each

Sweets (Wide variety) £0.90 each


The legal bit:

Our serving trays and baskets are important to us and need regular replacement. We do not charge for baskets or trays unless they are lost. damaged or are not returned. We charge £5.00 per item not returned in good condition.

We charge VAT on all items that are delivered by our delivery service

All items are invoiced via email to account customers. Payment terms are available on request

Customers collecting our buffet services are not charged VAT but must return all trays and baskets to our shop and may incurr additional charges if trays and baskets are not returned within 5 days of the date of delivery / supply.


Our simple to use order sheet

will calculate the value of your order or quatation for you.


Ordering made simple !

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